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Hermosa Review de Delfines por Angel Romero de la World Music Central

Impeccable and Graceful Argentine Lyricism from Cecilia Gauna

Cecilia Gauna – Delfines (Cecilia Gauna, 2018)

Delfines (Dolphins) is the fantastic third solo album from the wonderful Argentine vocalist, songwriter, educator and composer Cecilia Gabriela Gauna. She is a highly talented singer with a beautiful multifaceted vocal style.

Cecilia Gauna has a background in polyphonic choirs (Coro Polifónico Nacional, Coro Estable del Teatro Colón de Buenos Aires), early music, zarzuela, rock, jazz and Argentine folk music. She incorporates these and other influences into Delfines. The album features an innovative mix of Argentine folk musical forms, jazz vocal stylings, powerful big band brass, exquisite chamber strings, and lively, diverse percussion.

In addition to her skill as a vocalist, Cecilia Gauna is also a brilliant lyricist. Delfines is highly poetic with captivating songs about passion, natural life, sentiments, the joy of song and dance, aging and other themes.

Delfines includes high profile guests such as singer-songwriter and guitarist Juan Quintero; Argentine folk music vocalist Maria “La Bruja” Salguero; neotango accordion maestro Carlos Libedinsky; folk singer Luna Monti; and a great backing vocal choir featuring including Silvia Juan Bennazar, and Cecilia’s Círculo de Brujas colleagues: Paola Gamberale, Dorita Chávez and Claudia Levy.

Instrumentalists on Delfines include arranger and musical director Mariano Agustín Fernández on keyboards; Francisco Huici on baritone sax; Martín Rur on tenor sax; Victor Skorupski on alto sax; Miguel Hornes on trumpet; Juan Canosa on trombone; Victoria Polti on flute; Lucía Calmet on clarinet; Sebastián “Taty” Calá on double bass; Leandro Savelón on drums; Juan Pablo Ferreyra on guitars; Mario Gusso on drums and percussion; Rafael Delgado on cello; Dolores McKenzie on viola; Diego Tejedor and Mariana Atamás on violins.

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